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Massage is a simple but Powerful way to Relax your muscles, Release your tension, and Rejuvenate your entire body. Massage used as a healing therapy dates back 4,000 years when massage was used in traditional Chinese medicine to cure a number of conditions. Massage Therapy gives you immediate benefits. Starting with your first appointment, you'll see that massage can give you a new sense of centeredness and rejuvenation, enhancing your energy, productivity and overall health.

One reason massage works so well is that touch is a basic to well-being. In study after study research throughout the past few decades has determined that touch has many therapeutic benefits, both physically and emotionally/ Massage affects the body as a whole and influences the activity of the musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems.

Growing evidence suggests that if you allow regular periods of massage in your schedule you will gain a sense of wellbeing be fitter and be healthier in mind and body.

As massage therapists we spend years studying various techniques, developing individual styles and approaches to massage that we personalize to you specific needs.

We look forward to your first visit with us and helping you get started on the path to holistic health.

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Michelle Pellegrino

Massage Therapist

I have been practicing Massage Therapy since 1996. My first few years as a massage therapist I worked for one of the best Chiropractors in the state of RI, Dr. Richard Cervone, doing injury massage. Most of my training was focused on helping people get relief from pain, both acute and chronic. I treated patients who were involved in motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall injuries, post surgical patients and those who suffered with everyday aches and pains. The focus of my studies were mainly trigger point therapy and myofacial release. I enjoyed massaging these patients and helping them feel better & get relief from their pain, but I wanted to learn as much as I could about the human body and learn how to become better and do more than just treat site specific injuries and pain. I decided to go to the Massage Institute of New England in Cambridge, MA and studied in becoming a licensed Massage Therapist. I have since been practicing massage therapy full time. And although my practice is now made up mostly of full body work I still lean on my early education and help most of my clients, if not all, get relief from something that may be causing some sort of pain such as headaches, chronic low back pain, or constant tension in the upper back, shoulders and neck area. I truly love what I do for a living and my main goal is to not only help my clients feel tension and stress leave their bodies, but to “fix” problems they may have and put them on a road to better physical health and feeling wonderful and whole again.

Cara Castellucci

Massage Therapist

Cara Castellucci has been practicing massage therapy since 2002. She was first introduced to massage as senior at North Providence High School when she chose massage therapy as the topic of her senior project.  Immediately following high school, she went to Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, a highly accredited massage school in Worcester, MA.  Since graduating, she has continued her education by taking various courses such as Myofascial Release Techniques, Thai Yoga, and Ethics. She is also certified in Prenatal Massage and Reiki II.
As a licensed massage therapist, she was first employed at a successful practice in Cranston, RI.  The practice was a medical setting that mainly focused on neuromuscular therapy and deep tissue massage. Most of the patients were being treated for some sort of chronic or acute pain.  Cara saw a wide range of patients, from athletes to people with physical conditions such as fibromyalgia and lymes disease. She also treated patients who were recovering from surgery or from injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents and muscle overuse. Working in this environment was a wonderful learning experience for Cara.
She later went on to start her own practice in North Providence with her good friend and mentor.  Most of her treatments now focus on full-body work with extra attention to problem areas such as the neck, shoulders, and low back. Every massage is modified specifically to the client’s needs so that they get the best treatment possible.
Cara believes that massage is an extremely rewarding career. One of her favorite things about being a massage therapist is that her clients are always happy to see her and even happier when they leave because of how wonderful they feel.  She prides herself on creating a safe, peaceful, and respectful environment where her clients can relax, heal, and de-stress their bodies from inside and out. Cara truly enjoys and has a passion for what she does, and it shows in every treatment that she gives.

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"I wanted to give my husband a gift for his birthday and I wasn't sure what kind of massage he likes. when I called essential health there was no problem adding some hot stone massage for him to check if he likes. his birthday was on a sunday and they were very accomodating he had his appointment on sunday. the personnel was very friendly and very professional. will definitely go back.
- by Kat".